Professional probes


Professional probes

To get you started we already included 2 professional stainless steel probes with an EasyBBQ pro thermometer. But of course you want more, you want to measure several different pieces of food and measure the environment temperature of you BBQ. You might even want to measure different zones within your BBQ. Or different zones within that big piece of meat you are grilling to perfection. The EasyBBQ pro thermometer got you covered. It can measure up to 6 different probes at the same time. Just add some extra probes and you are ready to go.

More fun and easy to use

The HerQs Easy BBQ pro makes sure you will take the guesswork out of grilling. You will now grill with chef like precision and can be confident you serve food prepared to perfection. Just a glimpse on your phone or the smart thermometer will show your food doneness and progression. While set alarms will make sure you can enjoy time together with friends and family and never have a oops moment again.

Product details

Temperature range
(short time measure)
1 ~ 300°C / 33~ 572 °F
Temperature range
(continiously monitoring)
1 ~ 250°C / 33~ 482 °F
Wireless range
Indoor: 30 meters or 100 ft
Outdoor: 60 meters of 196 ft
1% / 2%
Supported devices
HerQs EasyBBQ pro thermometer.